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cool! Works well…

First I’ve heard of your organization??? Will we see more of you in the ham community? Magazines, events or within clubs?

So I just tried to start a new topic to see what others might like to see on this site but it would not let me…so here it is…

This seems like just one more place we have to visit as we work our way through the myriad of software, websites, and apps. One of the things that might make it more valuable would be to make it a landing place for all things “contest”. Schedules, rules, send dates to your personal calendar, live discussion during contests (I think I saw that in this site somewhere???).
For now, I’ll just bookmark it and check in later to see how it is developing. I need to go find the rules for the upcoming field day event :).
Maybe others would like to chime in as to what they would like to see on this site to make it more likely that they will check in on a regular basis???
Good Luck,