WARCA Scoring Rules - 2020

Contest classification

A. Tier One – “Grand Slam” (Worldwide participation, same rules for all participants, at least 3000 logs)

1000 Points

Examples: CQWW, CQWPX

Exception: Special Contests (at WARCA discretion): WRTC

B. Tier Two (Worldwide participation, same rules for all participants, at least 1000 logs)

800 Points

Examples: IARU

C. Tier Three (Worldwide participation, different scoring for certain geographies, at least 3000 logs):

Examples ARRL, Russian DX

700 Points

D. Tier Four (Worldwide participation, different scoring for certain geographies, at least 1000 logs):

Examples: WAE, CQMM, AA, Oceania, WAG

500 Points

To be considered, Contest must exceed number of submitted logs at least twice within last 3 years (option – at least 3 times in the last 5 years)

Operator points credit:

Single op – 100% (any band, any mode, any power, any assistance)

Operator of M/S station:

Up to 3 ops – 90% each, Over 3 ops – 270%/(number of ops):
4 ops – 67.5%, 5 ops – 54%, 6 ops – 45%, etc

Operator of M/2 station:

Up to 4 ops – 80% each, Over 4 ops – 320%/(number of ops)
5 ops – 64%, 6 ops – 53 1/3%, 7 ops – 45.71%, etc

Operator of M/M station:

Up to 6 ops – 75% each, Over 6 ops – 450%/(number of ops)
7 ops – 64.29%, 8 ops – 56.25%, 9 ops – 50%, etc.

If the call is “unclaimed”, then the points are allocated based on total number of operators, listed in the results; if a call is claimed by a registered member (station trustee), he/she can mark the team members, who supposed to get credit. In this case, those who marked will get according to the aforementioned rule where only marked are counted as ops, and those who are not marked, get no credit. For example, if XX1XX was competing in M/S category and listed 12 operators, but its trustee marked for that particular contest 5 operators, these 5 will get 54% points each, and the rest of the team will get 0. It’s station’s trustee sole discretion who to mark. WARCA does not make any decision on that matter.

Special exception (at WARCA discretion) – WRTC. Each team member gets 100 percent of team points.

Score calculation:

All stations are (initially) created equal. All of them are on the surface of Earth, and WARCA points are independent of countries, continents, zones or other artificial parameters.

Exact formula for score calculation is in the separate document.

For Tier 3 and 4 contests, scores calculated for “special” participants and rest of the participants are calculated separately. For each group, scores count only if number of logs in that group exceed 25% of all logs. Also, scores of special event stations, giving irregular number of points (like HQ and executive council stations in IARU contest) are not eligible for WARCA points credit.


Up to 20 contests can be credited to get ranking points. Contests ended within last 24 months give 100 percent of points, from 24 to 36 months – 75 percent, 36 to 48 months – 50 percent.

No more than 50 percent of credited contest entries can be of the same mode (CW, PHONE, DIGITAL). All sort of digital modes considered as one. Mixed mode contests (irrespective of the mode used by a participant) can be counted as either mode.

Ranking period

New ranking is calculated twice a month as of 00.00:00 UTC on the first and third Tuesday after first Monday of each month, and published on the following Wednesday day of each month.

An operator, who gained the minimal sum of WARCA rating places throughout the year (starting July 1st each year through June 30 next year) is pronounced “Contester of the year”, and is awarded with WARCA Trophy. Award ceremony takes place in Friedrichshafen at the International Amateur Radio Exposition.