Security and User Management

WARCA Security and user management

We at WARCA take integrity and security very seriously. Since unauthorized access to each member account can compromise his or her standing in WARCA ranks, and interfere with real time scoring, we picked the most secure access control system, based on WWPass technology.

Account access with usernames and passwords can be easily compromised. Even so called “second factors”, using one-time pseudo-random numbers, SMS or push notifications, can be bypassed. That’s why you cannot use these methods on WARCA web site and other resources, including real time contesting applications.

To get access, one needs to have either WWPass Key app (available free for Android and Apple mobile devices) or WWPass Token. Tokens are the most secure devices, and used primarily by administrators to manage the system, access to network backbone and do other critical things. For members, mobile app is sufficient to access their accounts.

Signing up

WWPass Key App is a universal key, which can be used with multiple services, utilizing WWPass technology. Initially it is not linked (bound) to any account. So, when the first-time users log on to WARCA web site (or other WARCA resources), the system identifies it as new. If you don’t have WARCA account, it’s time to create one. If you already have WARCA account, which was associated with another WWPass Key (or token), then you would need to go through account recovery procedure, described below.

Only licensed amateur operators can have WARCA account. To create one, you should provide your personal permanent call sign. If you have multiple call signs, pick your favorite one. It will become your “nickname”. If necessary, you will be able to change it later.

Do not use a club call sign, even if you are a trustee or club manager. Club calls, along with temporary calls and even calls you were using in multi-op contests, can be added later.

WARCA needs to ensure that you really the legitimate user of the stated call sign. We use multiple ways to verify your call sign, and these methods can be changed at any time. Current methods are clearly indicated on the sign-up page.

If the call sign you stated as your primary is already associated with somebody else’s account, you can request a review. We will check, who actually has the right to use that call sign, and make sure, that the legitimate user will have that call sign associated with a particular account. If, for example, call sign was formerly assigned to another WARCA member, and that member got a new call sign, we will help to make correct association. If a former holder of the call sign does not have a new call sign (either quit the hobby or became a Silent Key), that person will get EX-{call sign} assignment, and actual call sign will be released.

Sign in

When you associate your call sign with your account, your WWPass Key becomes associated with that account. From now on, when you need to log in with your WWPass Key (App or token), you get straight to your account.

If you lost your phone, you can recover your WWPass key as described at web site. In an unlikely event you completely lost access to your WWPass Key (you did not backup your key, forgot your PIN or lost access to your backup e-mail), we can help you to re-associate your WARCA account with another WWPass Key. However, since this recovery procedure can be used to steal access to legitimate account, recovery is a complex and lengthy procedure, it may require meeting with WARCA staff, mailing us some documents, and other actions. To avoid that, we would highly recommend to take good care of your WWPass Key App or Token.

Account management

On your account management page, you can associate multiple call signs with your account. There are few types of secondary call signs:

  • Secondary permanent call signs. Example – if you hold licenses in different countries, you may have multiple calls. If your primary call is KX1XYZ, but you also have Canadian call VE1XYZ and Thai call HS5XYZ, two latter should be added as “secondary permanent”. After they are added (and verified), no other WARCA member would be able to claim them as primary or permanent secondary. However, if your license for a secondary permanent call expires, you should edit “validity period” accordingly, and your call may be claimed by others for the period of time it was not assigned to you.
  • Secondary temporary call signs. If you were licensed for some limited period time, you should state validity period(s) of your secondary call signs. In this case others would be able to claim the same call as primary or secondary, but for periods not overlapping with yours.
  • Club Station Trustee or Manager. You may claim club calls as a trustee for certain period of time. At any moment only one WARCA member can be trustee or manager for each particular club station.

This site is way to hard to log into. It is not a bank. It is a listing of contest scores.